Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cade's Birthday

Our newest family member - Ming, a panda hamster
He has already brought a lot of joy to 3 people in the house
2 others remain decidely uncertain about having a rodent in the house

Two of the happy people and the arm
of the third happy person

Opening presents

Cade had a slumber party with LOTS of
video game time


Anticipating the joy of candy!

Armed & Dangerous

A Bewitching Princess

I'll wear anything if they give me candy -
even this Dinosaur costume with the scratchy chin

Trick - or - Trio

Soccer Stars

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funny Things Our kids Say

Kellen's sayings:
As we were riding home from eating out the other night, Kellen asked what we were going to have for dessert. I explained that it was late and that his dessert was all the Sprite he had just had to drink. In his most sarcastic voice he replied, "HA. HA. No, Dad." I suppose that I deserve this somehow, but I just didn't expect it at two years old.

Gabby's sayings:
Gabby lost another tooth this week and we put it in a baggy for safe-keeping and got her ready for bed. After she was down, Crystal and I headed back downstairs to relax. Not too long later, I heard Gabby calling for me so I went back upstairs to talk to her. "Dad," she said, "Can I put keep my tooth for another night?" I was puzzled since the tooth was of no value except as collateral for the tooth fairy and asked why she wanted to wait. "Because I love my tooth so much that I can't stop kissing it!"

We decided to put the tooth outside her room for a day and then the next day we were able to leave it for the toothfairy.

Cade's sayings:
For some reason that I can't remember Crystal was telling Cade that she knew exactly what he was thinking (I'm sure you'll be shocked to know that he was thinking about a Star Wars video game). Anyway, as Crystal was talking about her prowess as a mind-reader the kids challenge her skill. As she went around the kids, she correctly guessed Kellen's mind (Star Wars - heavily influenced by the moment) and Gabby's mind after a few tries (princesses) and then she was stumped by Cade. We both guessed and guessed and guessed and eventually gave up. "I was thinking about hot bikini girls!" Great. A few days later he followed it up with this comment when we were watching the football game. "That's the hot bikini girls I was talking about," he said when the cheerleaders (NFL variety no less) were flouncing across the screen.

I suppose I earned this too.