Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only slightly embarassed

As many of you know, Kellen is recently potty-trained so Crystal and I still pay extra attention to his bathroom needs. In light of this, we arrived at Church a couple of minutes early and while Crystal set up for primary, I took Kellen to the nursery potty. I should note that the nursery potty is specifically designed for those who are small - I think the toilet seat is ~ 18inches off the ground and may not even be that high. Kellen is also very specific about his bathroom routine and noted that there was a little toilet paper already in the potty when he got in there. That required a flush so Kellen could have a fresh bowl to do his business in. Unfortunately the toilet didn't flush. It was plugged. Great. Now it looks like Kellen or I plugged the kiddie potty at the church. I dutifully went to the custodial closet to find the plunger (I am One-Plunge after all), but I couldn't find the plunger. Unable to do anything else about the matter Kellen and I simply headed back to the chapel for sacrament meeting.

After sacrament meeting I took Kellen to nursery. As I was entering the nursery room, someone was coming out of the nursery potty and told me that it was plugged. Rather than admit that I knew the toilet was plugged and had left it that way, implicating myself as a possible culprit in the process, I told the woman I would go to the custodial closet and look for what I thought was a non-existent plunger. I entered the closet and within moments located the heretofore unseen plunger (I genuinely don't know how I missed the plunger the first time). Having located the plunger I now had the unenviable pleasure of making the walk down the Church hallway with plunger in hand while people were filing to their respective classrooms. I should note that the route involves a widely traveled hallway between the chapel and the room where Gospel Doctrine is taught. Wonderful, and only slightly embarassing. I did my best to stay close to the wall and give my best, "I didn't do it" face, but honestly I don't know what that face looks like and the one I made probably looks more like a chagrined-face that told people I was responsible - so yes the 6'5" guy was responsible for dropping a deuce on the nursery potty and clogging it up - never mind the fact that it would have required an act of flexibility I haven't been capable of for a few years with my knees up around or even higher than my ears whilst my hindquarters hovered near the ground. I did eventually make it to the bathroom and was able to quickly unclog the toilet. I am one-plunge afterall.

Rather than a face a second walk of shame, I elected to leave the plunger in the bathroom when I was done. Was church this exciting for anyone else?

Monday, January 19, 2009

More sayings of the kids . . .

Kellen: we have a family saying that we've adopted from another family: "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" Kellen decided (appropriately probably) that it should really be: "You get and you get and you throw a fit."

In what is perhaps a related comment.

Cade: speaking about our baby on the way, and perhaps thinking of Kellen, "I hope the baby is a quiet and calm one."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cade's Baptism

We had a great day with Cade's baptism and really appreciated all the friends and especially the family that came for Cade's big day. I think people were especially impressed that some came from as far as Kabul, Afghanistan for the baptism. That said, they were left with some questions about Crystal and I when they learned that both sets of grandparents were named Thompson . . .

A Wilson Family Christmas

Christmas is over and everyone is back at work or school - thank goodness for that! We did have a last minute scare when our cul-de-sac was coated with snow last night. The kids were decidely more excited about that than we were. We had a great break with 5 Thompson/Nakanishis visiting, 2 Thompsons, and 4 Atkinsons all over at our home at some point during the 2 week period. We welcomed the New Year with a with Cade and Gabby at the stroke of midnight. Mom and Dad were very tired the next day. So were Cade and Gabby. We had a massive amount of food - hello holiday 10lb! (Highlights included Stollen - which most of Crystal's family stayed away from so as to not incur my wrath - cookies, eclairs, multiple bread products, cheese log, boursin & brie, beefstick, multiple bacon inspired products, and a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings). We did some sledding and snow shoveling. We played lots of "Cooties" and lots of Stratego and Gabby put on a LOT of makeup.

Cade was also baptized this past weekend and we really appreciate everyone coming to see us.

Pictures and more details on Cade's baptism are forthcoming . . .