Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Primary Profiles

Our kids - for primary - were asked to list a few things about themselves. Gabby hasn't gotten around to answering her questions because she's been too busy decorating the edges of the paper, but the boys provided some unique perspectives on wishes, likes and dislikes.

Cade, Age 10:
If I had 3 wishes:
1. Candy
2. Fame
3. Fortune

Things I like:
Purdue [I'm so proud]

Things I do not like:

Kellen, Age 4:
If I had 3 wishes:
1. Candy
2. Cat
3. Dog

Things I like:
Ice Cream
Having fun
Playing with friends
Playing outside

Things I do not like:
Chores [which he almost never has to do]
Poisonous stuff
Getting in trouble
Going to timeout [often these last two are very related]
Poisonous cake

I guess I don't like poisonous cake either, but I did eat the year-old top tier of my wedding cake so you never know, maybe I did like poisonous cake...