Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

The Final Products

With our ghoulish creations
Cade's Pumpkin - he requested a scary design

So did Gabby . . .

Which meant that Kellen did too...

Avery didn't have a choice so Mom chose a nice one.
At least we managed to avoid our "traditional" vomiting jack-o-lantern this year

Avery Rolls

Avery can now roll from both front to back and back to front - though we only have video of her rolling from her front to her back she is probably most adept at going from her back to her front. Unfortunately she often finds that she isn't very happy when she gets from her tummy and forgets that she can roll onto her back again. 

I also included a video Avery talking and blowing bubbles. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Avery Pictures

Avery is growing up so quickly. She turns 4months old today.  She is still a very cute and very adorable baby - even though she is juicy.  She continues to be the perfect sleeper [knocking on wood] and is always ready to give someone a smile.  I would estimate that she has been held by more than 100 people in her young little life - part of that is her parent's willingness to let anyone and everyone hold her and part of that is because she's so easy to smile at and love.  And she'll happily return those smiles.  

Fall Fashions

Crystal recently took her Girls' Trip to Salt Lake and came back with some new brown ties for Cade and Kellen.  Dad decided to match them with one of his own brown ties and we had a photo shoot in our backyard after church last Sunday.  Thankfully we had one last sunny Sunday this fall to take these pictures.  The first one is a little fuzzy, but my favorite.  Why is it my favorite?  I don't know, I guess I just like Cade's natural smile and Kellen's enthusiasm.

Kellen's First Day of School

Well, and the third day too!
Kellen was more than a little excited to go to school.  He often wakes up early on his school days and is excited to be one of the big kids.  He has had fun coloring the pictures and being with one of his buddies in class.  He likes taking his shoulder bag with him and of course, as soon as he chose that bag, both Cade and Gabby said, "Ohhh, but I wanted to use that one."  You'd think they didn't have their own backpacks.