Monday, July 12, 2010

Crater Lake - The People

Despite temperatures in the upper 70's, there was plenty of snow leftover from the region's 44' of annual snowfall. The kids of course wanted to get in and have a snowball fight. Avery included. The sign, for the record, reads: DANGER Keep Off the Roof. We were nowhere near the roof, but good to know just in case.

Avery atop the snow pile

VERY early in the hike (let's just say that the kids were amazing - well except Avery - but it was a hard hike). It was relatively short, but very steep - 1 mile with over 700feet of elevation drop.

A terrific view of most of the lake - Gabby's pouting because Cade wouldn't let her do bunny ears on him in an earlier photo.

Happy times - before Gabby pouted - with Wizard Island in the background
On the boat tour. It was a tough tour - 2 hours in tight quarters at nap for Avery. Crystal tried every trick imaginable to keep Avery happy, but to little avail. I had a great time though and as you'll see, got some great photos.
Kellen monkeying around on the boat tour

Ahhh, the aftermath. If only she would have done this on the boat...

Crater Lake - The Scenery

Wizard Island

30+feet of crystal clear water

Blue Waters

Castle Rock

Phantom Ships

Phantom Ships close up view
Devil's Backbone

Random Cade & Avery Picture

Cade's Lacrosse