Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Triathlon and our little Iron Man

Coming to the finish line of the 1/2 mile run

Halfway home on the ride

Ready for leg two, the 2-mile bike

Finishing the opening leg, a fifty yard swim.

Kindergarten Graduation

Gabby's school has a program every year for the "graduating" kindergarteners. She was very excited to sing in the program and use sign language at the end to say " I love you" to Mom. And to sign "Oh, Yeah" at the end of the song.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Birthday Present

52" of TV watching awesomeness

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cottage Grove, Oregon

Oregon allegedly has the most covered bridges of any state west of the Mississippi. There were 6 of them here and the town surrounding them was quite picturesque, but let's be honest, there's really not much you can do with a covered bridge. And hiking around is really too much of an option when 1/2 of us (not naming names) looks like they swallowed a medicine ball. So we watched movies in Eugene instead.

The Doll House

As a couple of you know, we bought a doll house while we were in New York. I finally assembled it last week, with A LOT of help from Kellen and his tools - fortunately his tools all had blunt edges. It's bigger than we remembered from the store . . ., but Crystal's dreams have been fulfilled.

Science Fair

Gabby & the light bulb she lit with a balloon

Cade's floating egg

Gabby bending the water

Gabby's display

Cade's display

Cade & Gabby both decided to participate in the Sexton Mountain Elementary Science Fair. Cade did an experiment that made an egg float and Gabby tested static electricity with her experiment.

Space Derby

At the starting line . . .

Winding the propeller . . .

At the finish line.

Cade's Spaceship won it's first heat. We had fun making the rocket, but I wouldn't say that we could do it with sandpaper only as the instructions said so we got some pocketknife practice in too.